Stainless Screw (SS)

roofing screw (head painted)

Roofing Screw (Head Painted)

collated screw(ST)

Collated Screw (Chain Belt)

Stainless Cap Screw

(Stainless Cap)

Bi Metal Screw (Welding Screw)

Bi Metal Screw (Welding Screw)

Other Fastener

Thread Cutting Screw

(Type 17, Type 23(T), Type 25(BT), Type 1(D), Type F, Shank Slot/Flute Cut)

Assemblied Screw

(Epdm Washer/ Steel Washer/ Epdm Bonded Washer/ Stainless Washer/ PVC Washer)

螺帽 nuts

SEMS Screw

(External Lock Washer / Flat Washer / Internal Lock Washer / Split Lock Washer)

Other Packaging

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Assemblied Tapping Screw Unslot Ind. Hex Washer 1/4 AF Undercut Twinfast Type S Case Harden CR+3 Zinc Plated 3u Min ,C1022,With Washer And Stainless Steel Cap (304) On Head CR+3 ZP 3u With Washer( EPDM 9.4mm OD)